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Veterinarian of the Week Dr. Kim Braeutigam

Thank you, RenoVo Equine Amnio Solutions, for recognizing Dr. Kim as 'Vet Of The Week'! In the landscape of next-generation regenerative veterinary products, Equine Amnio Solutions stands as the market leader, dedicated to delivering innovative products for enhancing the health and performance of horses. Through the use of advanced regenerative veterinary products, our veterinarians, like Dr. Kim, can focus on the comprehensive care of equine athletes, enabling veterinarians to employ a tailored approach to the specific requirements of each horse. Much gratitude to RenoVo Equine Amnio Solutions for providing solutions that enable veterinarians to navigate the complexities of equine health. and contributing to the overall vitality of horses through ongoing innovation and collaboration with the veterinary community.

RenoVo AmnionSolutions Veterinarian of the week Dr Kim Braeutigam of Four Winds Equine Hospital

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